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How to Reach Level45 as a Socrerer

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PostWysłany: Czw 9:27, 27 Sty 2011    Temat postu: How to Reach Level45 as a Socrerer

Grade 1-10 not many say only did the mission task. Common tasks to do as little as possible, because the task is too time-consuming! Might as well brush Modao own more than a few strange experiences over. Aion powerlevel
The task of doing the mission level 11-13 to 13 after the brush lightly to the upper right corner of the map under the strange! Where there was a 16 little BOSS, blasting 20 blue cloth A! Nice clothes, and strengthen, easy go. I have been wearing the 40 it is easy to kill ... I am 14, when you can put it down, and violence rate is relatively high!Aion powerleveling
15 In fact, you can go to map the bottom left corner, where the elite brush, and a man not easy to brush, because the skills slowdown to read articles, the CD brings a binding long, I just started a single brush is so often spoken. Later, the magic stone replaced by an increase life,cheapest wow gold, the less hung up! That ran very tired, I was to blame for that pull visitors have arrived to help fight bird called the Griffin! If you are hanging the process Shaguai, and the rise Do not worry,aion kinah, wait for the next and so on that big bird and then pulled resurrection of hatred, or as soon as you come up and hit you blame! A very depressed! Aion CD key
I feel the brush elite very exciting, than in the brush outside the ordinary strange more fun! But your mental capacity of a certain well, and we were Modao seconds is normal,buy wow gold! Of course, you can go to the wild brush strange, do not matter the task, such as the Phantom Temple of air wizard, the coast of sea turtles what to see personal preferences. These low-level experience, lightly brush point blame on the upgrade.Aion Kinah
Thorsing you can brush to the 20 or so! Patient on a 1-2 grade painted, painted on the little meaning, and sense of tired of going on exchange to Hernette. Thorsing that the patriarch is also easy to kill, that is, a little bit of blood left when it dropped a group of skills to see if the blood when it is not possible Paoyuan point, from its 26M on the line, and storms that blue mask with blue ring not bad! I suggest that better not nostalgia Beltran, as soon as possible out of the novice area. Aion Kinah
20-25, then brush on Hernette Xiaoguai, see what is playing what. Brush bar, look for suitable candidates to kill the strange, that is, to find their own strange killing and killing smoothly. I feel the best is the kind with wings, finding the kind of high-grade than themselves to kill two of the strange, high-3 level were the strange magic is sometimes resistance, two very low probability of resistance emergence,cheap aion kinah, and I have always get Code! What is that Thailand can also go to a map of what is strange brush, map the bottom right corner where there are two trees just fine to kill. It is because of this blame has been giving its own + state, hit on us also look at two, the brush to 25 !
25 when we in another 25 weapons, to the village of Agay Kaidan to the back door of the prison run into doing? Of course, the elite card, and there is a small slope in the back door standing there inside the slide from flying to the prison! Do not press w, let him slip himself into! Into the left side of the door would go visit the Po, that there is a small hill, is here! Card Bar ~ has cards to the 34! Intermediate to the blue-arms task of Vulcan did! Aion CD key
Then we went to Kai Danka teeth, why should 34 go? Because only 34 to resist low 33's when I went, the worse the results fail to reflect the efficiency of resistance! Card point is the first bridge, turn left Oh, also the left! Seemingly Kaguai had to turn left! 34 cards to 37 should be able to card a 150 + of the teeth, to 37 for the shoes, we went to the revolutionary group card, of course, can continue to cards, but here, most of them are strange to those fat, blood thick anti-high! Card slow, 37 to card 40's elite is quite efficient! By the way, the Kaguai the time to be a simple macro, you will find that in fact Kaguai not very boring! The liberation of the fingers doing the something else.Aion Timecard
41 the time to do the yellow arms task, I feel a little bit of eternity on this task means the task is so far the best reward items, this task is very long! Looking for a nanny with a fixed guard, count our own and then you can easily find three, and you want to receive this task was to complete all the tasks Hernette to complete the "synthetic life form." Received after sneaking into the task of the revolutionary groups such as the opening near the crack! When doing this task must be a little rebirth of the wizard rock, that is, that blue! Gold fish tank on the left where there was a BUG you run into a monster hit them to you, and I only went once, just started not know if this BUG destroy mission our team more than once, thanks to the ranks, there are individuals brought their own climb up a rock Therefore, a lesson to remind about the resurrection of a little blue stone. Otherwise, corporations will eliminate the copy where it is a very disturbing thing! Huang got weapons, we would be able to brush the Maronite elite of 44-45. Of course, we are going Kaguai do "runaway Kral" The task of the hill there is what is called the common task of 'burning Oder what' is to open a secret channel Indra map, this must be done, otherwise we are a Modao Dragon Classic Zone ~ how rushed to finish this task is very simple to the Maronite elite area,aion gold, and went to the mountains, wings to open a location on the slide Kaguai a! Aion Timecard

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