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fivefingers vibram BC dies young 227 years

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PostWysłany: Nie 23:41, 13 Mar 2011    Temat postu: fivefingers vibram BC dies young 227 years

Imperial tomb of Chinese fierce emperor---Mao Ling, be located in Shaanxi province to start smooth city east the north of short for Weihe River of 9 kilometers go up formerly. BC begins 239 years to build imperial tomb,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, last a period of time of time limit for a project 53 years. “ hill seals earth 46.5 meters tall, topmost stuff is 39.25 meters long, north and south is 40.6 meters wide, base grows the eastern side 343 meters, in the west 238 meters, south 239 meters, northern part 243 meters; Always cover an area of a face to accumulate 56878 square metre. Area of whole cemetery garden is covered an area of add up to above of 600 thousand square metre. ” hill area has the grave of nearly 30 be buried with the dead such as Huo Qu disease,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, Wei Qing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, Huo Guang, Mrs. Li, smooth in relief princess. Chinese fierce emperor (Han Wu emperor) renown Liu Che,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, be Chinese the 4th generation of great-great-grandfather Liu state grandson. The Christian era 240 years, year only Liu thorough accession of 26 years old weighs the Supreme Being, v/arc be on the throne is as long as 54 years. After take over the reins of government upon coming age of Chinese fierce emperor, acute meaning enterprising, arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, wide get together talent, article treat military accomplishment, turn the country to a powerful and prosperous times, built truly multiracial unite and the powerful China with vast domain. The historian says, chinese fierce emperor is Chinese feudal society period is in office on the history the longest, contribute most, outstanding achievement most abundant,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, the historical culture money that keep most massiness and one of precious politicians. Calling Han Wu the Supreme Being even is ” of “ generation great person and gentleman of name of “ through the ages ” . In be in power it is open up ” of famous “ the Silk Road. Disease of Huo Qu of picture of data of grave of Huo Qu disease is the young general that Chinese fierce emperor loves most, 28 years old begin rate army go out for a battle, obtain 6 times greatly early or late get the better of completely, without v/LIT be utterly defeated; Be sealed to be general of large department Martha,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, BC dies young 227 years, year only 24 years old. Go to ill grave covering an area of 6600 much square metre suddenly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, north and south is 202.5 meters long, south 56.7 meters wide, the reverse side is 58.4 meters wide, grave is 28.38 meters tall, “ grave resembles Qi Lianshan ” . It is the first buries in luxuriant cemetery area, most the mausoleum that stands by imperial tomb of Chinese fierce emperor.
see more Information:

Supra Indy adornment is colorful

Supra Skytop NS inside the river

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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