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something inside

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PostWysłany: Nie 6:50, 13 Mar 2011    Temat postu: something inside

In addition, Peng Gaofeng said the agreement between him and informants, will not disclose any information about the informer did not obtain any compensation to him, not to.
3 years ago, when the age of abducted son is still small, now 7 years old, at risk of such mutations, psychological inevitably fluctuate.
Penggao Feng's wife, Miss Xiong said in an interview, also confirmed that: In the micro-Bo thanks to the informants: interview. Yesterday, 17:00, Bo Peng Gaofeng the micro screen name from
Miss Xiong said she would not look at micro-online blog, keep by the phone all day, looking forward to her husband's calls. 16:30 the day before yesterday, the husband calls, said: a. Initially, over the phone did not respond, Then, she simply asked his son's current situation, dialogue, sound a bit strange Lele, a bit of Jiangsu and Zhejiang accent,

for the future of Lele, bears along with her husband to discuss Ms. temporarily unable to reply, she said: informed the parents, family members will be home for them in Hubei,
day before yesterday, Hubei Bo Peng Gaofeng by users in the micro images of children on the forward and, after three years to find the abducted son of PENG Wen-long music. Peng Gaofeng interview in 2008,

Counseling Department, Tsinghua University Professor Wang believes that the type of trafficking in children is different, some children were maimed, or forced into begging on the streets, and most children are not abused, in several years of exchanges with local adoptive parents had a deep affection, and used to living environment, such a case, to get children back into the old home, parents need to spare counseling.

worried about his son to stay shadow
informants did not claim compensation

18:55 yesterday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau released the official micro-Bo: After a DNA test to determine the rescued child was the son of PENG Wen Peng Gaofeng music.
yesterday morning, the reporter called Peng Gaofeng, but Peng is always off. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the wife of Miss Xiong Peng Gaofeng. The face of questions, Miss Xiong Hubei Qianjiang speaking a word, a bit nervous. Miss Xiong said, the day before her husband arrived in Jiangsu Pizhou, she far away in Shenzhen, something inside, too many missing children to go to different places, are disappointing end,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],
family will host a Jiefeng
(Reporter Han Dapeng) At 6:55, the Shenzhen Public Security released the official micro-Bo: After a DNA test to determine the rescued child was the son of PENG Wen Peng Gaofeng music. Bo Peng Gaofeng said yesterday at the micro, the foster mother for support Lele PENG Wen entered the music school, grateful. He said the informer did not request any payment to him.

microblogging journalists Tang Fei also wrote, first to see Lele, his clothes and shoes texture is not good, but this is the ultimate poverty of rural families, and adoptive parents gave him name,

Professor Wang said that children under 8 years old, are in physical and mental developmental stages, parents should keep their communication. Referred to adoptive parents if the child, parents need to put right state of mind and avoid a dispute with the children, do not completely avoid. However, specific analysis of specific issues need to, if the child lives for many years in different places, and family harmony, not directly to sever relations, to give the child a natural expression of emotion, the gradual transition. If the child still can not get rid of the shadow, you can find professional psychological counseling agency.

yesterday at 3 pm, at the micro-Bo Peng Gaofeng, said he was reluctant to evaluate Lele's mother too, at first, he Lele adoptive parents hated, but Lele told him that mother's family was not good, life is hard, still support him into the school, 相关的主题文章:


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