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Vegetable vendors outside Beijing hard for an annu

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PostWysłany: Sob 18:03, 12 Mar 2011    Temat postu: Vegetable vendors outside Beijing hard for an annu

the city of Beijing, but they are the most common of several people, the story does not even have any typical, but it is as microcosm of the thousands of outsiders. Beijing is one of the few villages in their homes, farmers markets, street vendors, outer suburbs where they make a living.

couple of Case Study in South Korea Hongyuan Fu Women, the Beijing has always been a foreign land, is a post to make a living, .

Case Study in the booth has also been collected, and ride tricycles two kilometers away toward the a cabbage. Case Study in little song to hum against the wind, high Wenxia sit in the back hand on her husband.

night at seven o'clock, Han Hong-yuan, Wang Qingyun couple shut the shop and go home early from work to do at home, the son of rice waiting for them, stood in the cold cold day of Wang Qingyun some numbness.

Case Study in may not know, for children, every year when the most difficult? After New Year is the day they left, warmth halted.
figure file:
Liu is not a good school, lamented that her father, nor is it a good son. Father, 59, mother 57 years old. He and his brother left home early to work out, a dozen acres of land left to the parents species, there are five children to take care of two old (Case Study in her brother's two children are home to study.) Case Study in feel unworthy of their parents, send money, give money as long as the home, The village of Qi, Liu Liu Jiayan school 59-year-old father is in our yard weaving dustpan, his wife to the town Dan Mianhua a child. Busy working in the crops, the children go to school, an old married couple but also restless. For the son away from home, Liu Jiayan can understand, can he drink. His greatest wish is to one day, two sons to come home at the same time, the family sit together to eat a family dinner.
this way, day after day, year after year, a flash is 15 years. Hard down day and sell a five or six hundred dollars, get rid of the cost of fees, 600 yuan a month's booth fee, 600 dollar rent, as well as daily necessities, utilities, down one month net profit also more than 1,000 yuan two.
Case Study in High Wenxia couple 37, 1995, from the village of Qi County, Henan Province came to Beijing mall, selling vegetables in the markets since the East Heights; annual income of fifteen thousand or so; three children go to school in my hometown in Henan; parents nearly sixty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], still kind of land.

through the rows of family wings of a trade market, a ranch house, has been entered from the Daxing District, Fengtai District, Jiugong. A two-story building in a simple, seventh eight square meters, is the Case Study in the nest couple in Beijing, 600 yuan a month rent. Wash hands, put on a clean dress, dinner started with high Wenxia, cabbage pork stew vermicelli. One day, warming up the rice in the end of this meal.
fifteen years in Beijing, in addition to high Wenxia been a front door, almost never left the Eastern Highlands markets.

Case Study in couples, 1995, from the village of Qi County, Henan Province came to Beijing Mall East Highland markets selling vegetables, so far.

Qi village of now, so still only hear the dogs barking cock, and the roads occasionally met a tottering old man, followed by a black dog. Village had 110 people, now less than 20 people, all young adults go out to work, to school children who grow up in the town, leaving the elderly, women, younger children, local people use the , ninety-nine Yan Gangzhen deputy party secretary Li Xianlin told the Phoenix, the county of 76 million people in the county mall, go out alone, there are more than 20 million workers.

Complex Case Study in the native land is strong, Sometimes he also think that if we are not out to work, the state still will develop. a vicious cycle. people running around is their uneven distribution industry. He said the hardship is not afraid, afraid of is not fair, not balanced, foundation, build a better house, do some business, but the cost of almost 10 million the foundation backed away to let him play, but to continue to work hard outside.
in order to survive, leaving parents and children, left the Central Plains native land, came to the junction of Beijing Fengtai Daxing, selling vegetables for a living. Few years, several decades, days off to go into the food, night closing time and a net profit of a penny a pound of food two cents, the price of vegetables rose, booth rental prices, rent increases ... ... year cumulative, a million yuan of income, but can only feed their families, and finally failed to homecoming.

Written by: Chen Fang (from Beijing, Henan Mall)

Case Study in thought about back home, several times in Beijing did not want the thought to go back and had to live with more left stranded next.

Case Study in the home, a mall County Yan Gangzhen Youth League and school teachers are also worried about those children left behind, Fan Siming Town, told the Phoenix principal of their school 630 students, half of the children are left behind.
Beijing on anything, no matter how good home is not a family home
three children, is a Case Study in the hope of all is the biggest in Beijing in support of their power, want to change the fate of children who fall. But he also worried that the faint hope that it will fall ... ...
Vegetable vendors of high Wenxia.
customers less time, vegetable vendors Wang Qingyun cold breakfast show has been - a green onion pancake bite. From 6 am to 10 points, she did not even have time to drink a hot water. Lunch, rest last night, heat it.
Han Hong-yuan, Wang Qingyun couples starting 6 am from the residence, came to serving the East Highlands, two hours later, staring at dray return. Fear of food were frozen, wrapped up with a quilt.
Case Study in his home county in Henan Qi village of Xinyang City Mall, outside the puzzle of the red brick house, which is clod room

6:00, winter day in Beijing before dawn,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], blowing a night of strong winds, the temperature suddenly dropped to minus nine degrees.
Liu Science and brother had not seen for five or six years, the father of this desire they may be difficult to meet the short term, . a year to play a telephone, where there are family ah? which occurred before the situation in China? parents can not care for the child can not education.

family with the longest day is summer, three children and their parents will come to Beijing. Along the way, the children should have been a return to crime, from the village of walking or cycling Qi 3 km to the town on three hours by bus to neighboring counties train station, the train station 13 hours to get to Beijing, one to one Back to the toll close to 1,000 yuan.
back to the source markets for Han Hong Mei Yuan will bring home the iron boxes next to the store to get hot for a hot, and Wang Qingyun with a cup of hot water to eat. Wang Qingyun breakfast until 10 o'clock too empty after eating, is a green onion pancake and a cup of hot water.

three in the ninth grade Yangang Zhen Cai Xiaoshuai (a pseudonym), the second grade along with grandparents living apart from their parents, he said he almost did not want parents working outside, thinking there is confusion, there is pressure on the learning do not know with who said,

half past eight, HAN Hong-yuan staring at hundreds of kilograms of fresh vegetables loaded dray back in time, Wang Qingyun followed. Suddenly lost the chain, Han Hong-yuan off, climbed underground repair, move on. While grocery shopping customers coming.

cold still on the road, Han Hong-yuan staring scooters, bicycles followed Wang Qingyun, the iron boxes in front of the vehicle and the handlebars hanging sound of the pounding night. May the source in Fengtai couple runs a small vegetable market stalls, a village in 1996 came to Beijing from Henan, vegetables ever since. Every day off to go to a kilometer away, serving markets of Eastern Highlands.
Beijing East Highland vegetable market for 15 years like a day hard work

out to make money, home business building a house, has become the choice of many migrant workers. Yan Gangzhen many under the village, almost every family are two-story small building, these are migrant workers who built them, and some have chosen to go home.
Liu scientists vegetable stall at the junction, a plastic sheet that says the price of vegetables, writing Juanxiu. Case Study in the box while carrying large and small, his wife standing on the high Wenxia booth greeting customers. Wind cooling, markets so empty, high Wenxia sigh, has led to reduced customer.
Case Study in Henan, the hometown mall in the village of the county Yangang Zhen Qi, a small number, less than one acre of land, the land almost no money, the child can not feed. Case Study in the age of 16 dropped out of school to go out to work, the costs of marriage are his brother, migrant workers earn. The village of the young crop of another crop of labor, have left the land.
children came around, he will notice them in the wrong, love competition, , the son did homework for a week, the telephone call to his school teachers here, the results of the small guy said something over the phone, daughter contradict the sentence: lack of affection on the child mind. The three children are not learning as Liu year, parents can appreciate the hardships and difficult.
in front of the children before the parents can not be responsible filial
such as Han Hong-yuan wholesalers left, Eastern Highlands markets to settle, then the customer only the surrounding residents.
Case Study in a couple years back,
cabbage, cucumber, mushrooms, lotus root ... ... carefully selected board the car to get good food quickly with good old quilt cover Gaiyan, frozen to sell.
noon Case Study in back rent house two kilometers away to do rice, cover the rice in the rice cooker, the Lindao markets. In order to warm her, and his wife crouched in their own van to eat together, white rice, fried eggplant, eggplant is to sell the rest.

desire is to be better in rural areas, rows of two-story small building has been infected with a layer of gold. Case Study in the desire that one day may be achieved, will be getting better and better in rural areas, relying on is that the batch after batch of migrant people. But that price is also big enough, as the wife of the high school Wen Xia Liu said, than are large.

Core Tip:

more than ten thousand a year of hard earned money, just enough for the cost of the three children to school life. Liu, 37, school is already a father of three children, all followed by grandparents in my hometown in Henan to study, their eldest daughter in high school, the second daughter's middle school, sixth grade son read. In rural areas of Henan, almost every school is like, like Liu, have three children, the raising of children for old age, not being bullied is the most practical considerations.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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