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Guangzhou, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government

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PostWysłany: Czw 4:50, 27 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Guangzhou, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government

Guangzhou, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government issued guidance to accelerate the development of software industry in the notice
Sui [1999] 79
December 7, 1999
District, county-level city governments, and units directly under city: The "speed up the development of software industry in Guangzhou guidance" issued to you, follow the execution.
Guangzhou guidance to accelerate the development of the software industry the software industry is engaged in software development, production, sales and service industry, collectively, is the heart and soul of the information industry, with the typical characteristics of the knowledge economy. With the information industry to the national economy and social life in all aspects of the continuous penetration of the software industry in driving economic growth and industrial structure optimization and upgrading of the role of the increasingly apparent.
Guangzhou guidance to accelerate the development of software industry
First, the face of the situation.
The software industry is the twenty-first century, one of the leading industries, is a national or regional information important indicator of development level, but also countries in the world compete to support the development of key industries. In recent years, the global software industry growth rate of 10?? 20%, far higher than the rate of economic growth. Projected to 2000, software sales will reach 600 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the output value of the world's electronic information products accounted for more than 60% of the world's largest industries. Developed countries in the software industry has a clear advantage. U.S., Western Europe and Japan accounted for 59% of the world software market, 20% and 12% share of sales, especially the United States in the system software, support software, and tools such as the main technical areas of software products has an absolute advantage, software enterprise management standards and product standards are mostly from the United States. Some developing countries in recent years in the software industry has also made important progress, such as the Indian software export processing through the implementation of strategies, software export reached 1.75 billion in 1997 to become the world's major exporter of software. Rapid economic growth, China's software industry is gradually formed and grow. The whole country nearly 2,000 software companies, diversifying into software or related services in nearly 4,000 enterprises, software development and computer professionals, 50 million people and 12 have approved the construction of the software base. 10 years, China's software industry maintained a growth rate of over 30%, the output value of the software industry (including software product sales and system integration) in 1997 reached 260 billion yuan. But the scale and level, the country's software industry is still in its infancy. According to statistics, China's software product sales in 1997 accounted for only 3.4% of the output value of the information industry, accounting for 1% of the global market. The city's software industry developed rapidly in recent years. The output value of the city's software industry in 1998 2.65 billion, accounting for 30% of the province. Existing expertise in software product development and system integration more than 200 enterprises, of which more than 50 million yuan output value of the software industry, there are three, the number of workers over 50 and 100 persons were 22 and 10, through the ISO9000 certification there are four. The city's existing software development and services more than 8,000 professionals. According to a survey of 210 software products, business management, financial class post and telecommunications and financial applications dominate, accounting for 36.6%, 20.5%% and 16.6%, also in office automation, education, entertainment, urban planning,Flex outsourcing, social insurance and CAD / CAM and other applications are also developed some of the larger domestic market share and influence of the product.
Second, the favorable conditions and constraints. 20 years of reform and opening up, Guangzhou economic and technological strength of the strong growth and the status of central cities continue to strengthen, resulting in favorable conditions for the development of software industry.
(A) Small group advantage. More than 200 existing software enterprises in Guangzhou, concurrently more than 900 software enterprises, of which 90% are private enterprises. Flexible mechanisms of these enterprises, market awareness and a strong desire of innovation, development potential.
(B) of the software market demand. The country's leading information society development, the city's software industry provides a strong local market demand, export-oriented economic characteristics of geographical advantage and the adjacent Hong Kong and Macao, but also to expand domestic and overseas market to create the conditions.
(C) the relative concentration of human resources, software research and development potential. Guangzhou, the province concentrated mainly universities, research institutes and its own software development talent, talent in attracting domestic and foreign software also has good conditions, with a central city's image advantage.
(D) of industry software advantage. Major software products and their applications and advantages of the city economic and social development sectors are linked closely together,PHP development outsourcing, in the post and telecommunications, financial and commercial, financial and tax, office automation and other industry application software foundation and have a certain advantage.
(E) comprehensive economic strength stronger, more active capital market, development of software industry can provide the necessary funding. At the same time, still at the initial stage of the software industry in Guangzhou, there are also significant constraints. Mainly as follows: the government's macroeconomic regulation and control is not enough guidance and policy is conducive to the development of the software industry has not yet formed a policy environment; the lack of well-known companies and leading products in the demonstration and led a high level of software are not many low social recognition, and strong demand for local and domestic market can not meet; technical support and social services system is not perfect, industry, academia and research the mechanism of joint research and development is not mature, the software product quality evaluation and supervision mechanisms are not yet established; talent evident structural defects can be developed in accordance with international standards and norms in software development talent and familiarity with software development, domestic and international market and standardize the management of enterprise software management is more a lack of talent.
Third, the strategic positioning.
The development of software industry in Guangzhou strategic positioning is: 10 years or so, the formation of functional status and Guangzhou cities and industrial structure optimization and upgrading suited to the needs of radiation across the province, for the country, and gradually to the world's software industry, the Guangzhou gradually become the major software research and development centers and software industry base.
Fourth, the development of ideas.
The development of software industry in Guangzhou basic idea is: give full play to economic, technological and social development of a comprehensive advantages, with enterprises as main body, market-oriented government under the strong guidance and support to improve the policy environment, the establishment of technical support and social services system , the progressive realization of business enterprise, application of social, development and product engineering international.
(A) give full play to the government in macroeconomic management and policy regulation, the role of guidance, and actively promoting the software industry. Research to develop software industry development planning, with emphasis on the software industry demonstration base and social support service system, and create policies to adapt to the software industry development environment,Data processing companies, the rational allocation of social resources.
(B) the implementation of the "infiltration pull strategy," "people strategy" and "export processing strategy" to advantage, to achieve major breakthroughs. Strong penetration into full play the characteristics of the software industry, and vigorously to transform traditional industries and the tertiary industry, stimulate economic growth, promote the city's industrial structure optimization and upgrading; play Guangzhou-intensive small and medium software enterprises the advantages of the distributed group operations, taking the characteristics of the software industry in Guangzhou road development in groups on the basis of merit to support a number of large software companies (group), the formation of the leading city of the software industry; to software processing and software development of foreign project contracting as an important breakthrough, and actively explore overseas market, the absorption of foreign advanced software technology development and management experience
(C) adhere to the "point to an area" approach to development. Careful planning, focus on high standards and building the software industry demonstration base, give full play to the model function, the accumulation function and role in stimulating the development of the city's software industry.
(D) To strengthen the combination of four aspects:
1. Development and growth of enterprises combined with the standardization of the management. To actively support the enterprises in the development of the scale, to encourage businesses to international management in the direction of norms and standards to improve the overall quality of the software industry in our city and image.
2. Software and hardware combination. In the same time to develop computer software, hardware, electronics and information based on the province production and market leadership, guidance electronics and information products to increase the software content in embedded software development, hardware-driven software to software for hardware development.
3. Industry, academia and research combined. Actively promote the production, study and research joint research, with focus on the development of the city areas and products, tracking the international forefront of software technology to enhance technical reserves, escalating implementation technology; to encourage universities, research institutes, scientific and technical personnel to set up software enterprises or enterprises part-time engaged in software research, development and related technical services, software, high-tech achievements to accelerate the commercialization and industrialization.
4, personnel training and the introduction of the combination. Take full advantage of Guangzhou universities, research institutes focus on the advantages of accelerating the development of software development and management personnel, the existing software practitioners to software engineering, standardization, and standardization of education, focusing on vocational training. For the structural shortage of software talent in our city, to introduce high-quality domestic and international expertise.
V. Development Goals.
(A) of the value scale. In the next 5 years, the software industry average of around 35% growth rate for 2003, the software industry reached 120 billion yuan, accounting for the city's electronic information industry output value accounted for more than 20%, software revenues more than 3 billion yuan of export processing .
(B) the size of the market. Win in 10 years, the city of software localization software products in the domestic market share of 6% -8%; focus on the development of the products accounted for more than 40% of the domestic market accordingly, and in the international occupy a certain market share. 5 years for launch in the domestic market share of 50 into the top 3, covering all major sectors of the national economy, quality brand-name software, and a number of the world's leading software trademark.
(C) of the enterprise scale. Fight in 5 years, 10 software training billion yuan output value of software companies,Quality Assurance Outsourcing, including 3-5 years of software production value of more than 500 million yuan. Development of software enterprises listed 3-5.
(D) technical and management level. Fight in 5 years, or SEI-SMM by ISO9000 quality system certification of more than 30 software enterprises in key areas of application development has its own special advanced technology and products; for 10 years or so, in the system software, support software other research and development breakthroughs.
Sixth, the major tasks and measures.
(A) strengthen the software industry development strategy, the scientific development planning. Employ domestic industry, academia, a group of renowned experts to form the "Development of Software Industry in Guangzhou City, the Steering Group of experts" into the city's Science and Technology Advisory Committee for the unified management, focusing on the development of the city's software industry to study a number of strategic issues , with the relevant departments of the city to develop the scientific software industry development planning and policy measures, and the city's major software research and development or industrial projects to demonstrate.
(B) expand the software market, to play the role of market-oriented, stimulating the software industry.
1. Accelerate the process of national economic and social information. Accelerate the pace of the Government Online Project, guided walks of life (including traditional industry) and progressive realization of the production, management, management of information technology; speed up the city's cable television network construction, support information and services for network operators healthy competition in the market, the social potential huge consumer demand into real information needs, in order to fully pull the software market.
2. Flex embedded software development. To encourage universities, research institutes, software companies and hardware products developed independently or jointly developed by manufacturers of digital electronic products as the focus of special software embedded software, the city Expenditure for projects relating to the development of merit-based support. 3. Positive development of foreign software export, processing and software engineering contracting industry. Study and formulate policies to encourage software exports, especially to simplify procedures, personnel and other aspects of immigration and tax policy to give the necessary support and benefits.
(C) to accelerate the demonstration of the software industry base, the formation of the accumulation effect. Learn from the successful development of software industry experience, actively planning, construction Software Park in Guangzhou. According to the current software industry has become the city layout and the development trend of future development, the Guangzhou Tianhe Software Park, Software Park will be, Guangdong Software Science Park and Nansha Information Technology Park consists of three parts. To the city-based, focusing on building the Tianhe Software Park. Currently, the Tianhe Software Park has officially moves, wants widely absorb the advanced experience, further improve the software park planning construction plan, the park management system and various preferential policies to improve the supporting infrastructure (including information infrastructure) construction, so that it the standardization and liberal policy environment and healthy development, a city software commercialization and industrialization of the clusters. Provinces and cities to build, in order to save the main building of the Guangdong Software Science Park. Guangdong Software Science Park in software research and development as the main goal, to software projects (enterprises) as the main task of the incubator, is now located in Guangzhou Science City. City, Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone to land use and infrastructure planning and other aspects of construction funds to be full cooperation and support to become the province to accelerate its software development center and the pace of incubation centers. Guangzhou and Hong Kong cooperation, mainly in Hong Kong, Nansha IT Park building. Nansha IT Park to software training, software, export processing, foreign cooperation and exchanges in primary function, the State Science and Technology has approved the inclusion of Guangzhou New District "more than one district park" area for management. Municipal government in land use planning, administrative support and other aspects of development of the park to be strongly supported. Government will strengthen coordination and actively seek the Software Park, Guangzhou, included in the national Torch Program Software Industrial Base, and in the policy to be strong support, comprehensive services and facilities in the building to give the necessary financial support.
(D) to seek a breakthrough in key areas, supporting a number of key enterprises and key projects. Focus on developing the following five application areas: communications and telecommunications value-added services; finance, taxation and e-commerce; information and network security; education and office automation; digital home appliances. 5 in more recent areas of focus, choice of 10 influential software companies of great development potential and market prospects of 20 software projects, through the government project, government procurement, venture capital and stock market and other organizations to focus on supporting a variety of ways quickly establish the image of the software industry in Guangzhou.
(E) software technology to accelerate the penetration of traditional industries, strengthen the stimulus. By way of trial, combined with the surface to promote, guide enterprises to adopt traditional industry technology and business management applications such as CAD-CAM software technology, enhance information management and technology design and production process control level, to improve labor productivity, and promote the city upgrading of traditional industries. To give priority to technological innovation through advanced enterprises identified as a pilot, and provide policy support. Enterprise software for the pilot project, the municipal government departments through technical transformation project or technology development projects, etc. to give the necessary financial support.
(Vi) improve market operation and management mechanisms to ensure the healthy development of the software industry.
1. Carried out to promote software companies such as ISO9000 and SEI-SMM international standard quality system certification, to improve software quality and business management, and enhance the ability to participate in international competition.
2. Create a fair competitive market environment.
(1) to develop industry standards in accordance with international practice, to reduce disorder and vicious inter-firm competition.
(2) improve the IPR protection system, crack down on software piracy protection software market.
(3) active, step by step implementation of software projects or software product tendering system, speed up the Guangzhou software engineering project bidding service centers and build a science and an open and fair tender specifications. Government departments at all levels of more than 50 million investment in software engineering project or purchase value of more than 10 million of general software products, are used tender. Under the same conditions, the Guangzhou area of software and systems integration business to be given priority. Financial allocation from the city at all levels, enterprises and institutions to support the building of software projects, but also for implementation.
3. Speed up the construction of social support services. Full use of existing community resources, the development of social intermediary and service agencies. Establish a standardized and orderly and for the national exhibition and trade center software, software engineering project bidding service centers, software evaluation centers and software engineering supervision center.
(G) importance of technical research, development and stability of personnel.
Relying Guangzhou universities, research institutions or large software companies, set up by the government, universities (research), business and technology personnel in Guangzhou jointly-held software engineering and technology research and development centers to attract domestic and foreign software elite, concentrated of modern software development techniques and software core technologies, and fundamentally improve the city's level of development and application of software technology to the province's radiation. To attract domestic and foreign well-known software companies,Data processing outsourcing, universities, research institutions set up research and development centers in the city or its affiliates.
Relying on Guangzhou University, commissioned by the cultivation of joint education or high-level software, a variety of ways to enhance the training of personnel; establishment of a number of software industry talent training centers and training network, from the software technology, management, marketing, and other point of view, to strengthen Software re-education employees. To attract foreign talent to Guangzhou excellent software development, entrepreneurship, these people should be in accordance with the City of Sui Zi [1998] No. 21 document and the municipal government so that [1998] No. 10 of the relevant provisions in the home, their children to school, technology shares and achievement awards, etc. to be implemented. Develop measures to guide the orderly flow of software professionals, we must ensure the free flow of talent, but also regulate flow rules, attention to intellectual property protection, against software copyright infringement, unfair competition such as disclosure of trade secrets act.
(Viii) improve the investment and financing mechanisms.
1. Government to gradually increase the demonstration of the software industry base, a major software technology research and development projects and investment in infrastructure projects, role of the government guidance in the role of resource allocation, enhance social development of the software industry on the enthusiasm and confidence.
2. Several large software companies to support the stock market. Full use of "backdoor listing" and "backdoor listing" strategy, organization active securities firms qualified software companies to provide "Shell Resources", and strive to open up more software companies listed on the stock way.
3. Gradually improve the mechanism of risk investment software industry, encourage venture capital and other municipal science and technology funds to the city of software companies and projects, especially from a security point of view of national restrictions on foreign access to the technology of software enterprises and projects appropriately. Actively guide the financial investment sector, attract foreign capital, especially venture capital (funds) to enter into the software industry in our city.

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