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sac chanel/sac chanel 2.55/-Take half-naked photo

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PostWysłany: Nie 13:18, 13 Mar 2011    Temat postu: sac chanel/sac chanel 2.55/-Take half-naked photo

chase fashion fashion
come to feel quite good

yesterday, friends , but when she take pictures, they noticed that the studio no longer exists, the boss's phone has become an empty number.
Yesterday, in the New Culture Forum network, many users for the matter discussed, traffic more than 1400 people. the majority of users believe that the film does not take a personal hobby, but privacy must be protected.
after shooting, week, the studio staff Xiaomeng SMS notification Two students is 22, much to the three into the disk, CD-ROM price is 5 yuan each. In this way, let them leave the address and phone, and said to the decoration shop, wait until summer school sent a message they sent in the past.
At that time, the store is two make-up artist, a photographer, two staff members, make-up downstairs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], upstairs photographs.

agency counter staff, a studio proposal to sign an agreement before the photo shoot body. agreement, once signed, is the way agreement, leaked photos, photography studio to legal liability. If the customer after the objections, the studio can come up with an agreement as a guarantee.
7 months, school holidays,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they returned to their home. September begins, the and students to visit Yunnan, 3 weeks, 9 to return until the end of Changchun.

Changchun City, Zhong Ping, deputy secretary general of the Consumer Association, said more than the number of consumers, the amount involved reached a certain limit, the law would constitute an economic fraud, the public security organs should be handed over for processing.

memory, a mall photo studio in the number of agents, they are neatly arrayed on the counter of dozens of different styles of photo albums.

friends User

6 at the end, students from an appointment, Xiao Meng took them to the studio camera.

It is understood that the counter agent near the store more in Guilin Road. In addition to providing booking counter display, they also issued leaflets to attract more consumers to make an appointment to patronize.

go outside, also took a shot, try it.
the counter in several other staff have indicated before shooting will sign an agreement according to customer demand, many customers do not really check. For film processing, will be completed in the consumer selected photos into the book after the person removed.

unfinished makeup, a male photographer to help

discussion: How do you see nude photo shoot?

Second, consumers are able to stand up against the collective to solve the problem through legal means.
studio violated consumer rights
body photo very popular

He said people often come to the studio this time, at least three or four partners. a girl said, she paid 1800 dollars, Two sets of photo shoot it!
stone said , shooting models are naked, but to sound .

, this choice is also some very out-set of bold lines, of which there are a few half-naked photos.

The. Photo shoot people what kind of effect you want, we can meet, can also hold their own photos, we can give you according to ... ... take pictures of the females. . If you want cards, photo will increase the money, but also hundreds of dollars a card. taking pictures, would Other people do not know, nor outside.

can come to Guilin Road, look, let them all in front of surprise: the studio no longer exists and been replaced by a >
come to the studio's more than one

phone number into the space left vacant
camera style bold, out-of
and the price is reasonable, each 198 yuan.

User should pay attention to their own privacy protection, to find a good reputation, a large standard studio shot, so as not to worry about.


User Photos remain on the outside, it felt really uncomfortable. I propose to find the victims together to the studio owner, the photos get it back, if not to take up legal weapons to protect yourself!
who did not contact them. returning to Changchun, a trip to going to the studio to take pictures back.

Two other students also paid a deposit.
friends not I, hey!

the counter in a studio agent, service personnel from the lower photo album out of a human body. service surname stone, stone, said the woman is a studio album in the model, its albums placed in the counter need my permission, sign agreement and pay some money.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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