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Find someone ~!

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Dołączył: 25 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Wto 11:36, 30 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Find someone ~!

to find someone by your side rule the world my career, I will do, as long as you like with me, if you are interested, I'll be happy
I'm looking for this man, if you are her, or you see her, please let me know

find someone, you can use the standards of her tidy little something to help me, although I always have to clean up the things you can not break
find someone, do not know the men and women will know how to keep a distance with other men but normal communication
looking for individuals, weight loss can be,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but not too skinny, I want you like a healthy, in fact, since I can hold in you, my great strength, carrying also the line you go

find someone, not always a child, I want you to that independence. When established in respect of that independence. stand point

find someone, be with each of her admirers that she had me, and now very happy, thank him, not secretly keep in touch with him, ready to replace me
find someone, lie to me or on my shoulder watching TV
find someone, I just want to love a good person, I do not want to change a few years, I now I'm tired of these requirements will be difficult?

find someone in my work, can I come back home and obediently, or do what you do, will take the initiative to ask when I work hard I do not Sim, care for me, of course, if you want to secretly to see me, I do not mind, but remember to be careful on the road. As for me, There is a slogan, I changed a little bit: no matter how busy have to tell you the phone. Do not tired when I work, but you are talking with other men call a good time, if it is so, then do not come to me, and this time I have experienced, to be honest, I can not stand

find someone, we can understand each other, seek common ground

find someone, know how to listen, know how to care, not always in my one-man show

find someone, good point, well-behaved also, but at least you know when to behave and what can be naughty when it does not matter

find someone in my misery, do not forsake me

find someone, like children, or at least do not hate, because in fact I quite like a child

find someone, like a natural hair as possible, I do not like the colorful, not like the cost of going to get the hair to damage those hair
find someone, will not allow a person to pursue her through her direct contact with me and I said he was under the ultimatum to go to catch her, I experienced such a thing, I am disgusted

find someone, you can feel happy for my achievements

find someone, you can be alone when that point of nauseating sweet talk to each other, not shy, because only the weather, know to know you and me
find someone that can sing to me, humming OK, because in my mind are the sounds of nature that does not does not matter, we were listening to others sing

find someone, remember to fight not the same thing with the break up, go fight fight
find someone, is out with her girlfriends, and not every time are mixed in with a bunch of men in the
looking for individuals to be able to my parents, because I will talk to your parents, like parents to me

to find someone to share the growth of hard work and happiness, the old heart of these buried not good
find someone willing to do not regret my life with me, firmly, and I will not let her down

find someone, they do not mind my friends all came good for each, with a lot of my friends, all colors, it is the needs of my career, but do not worry, I can not learn bad

find someone, I was her first man and last man
find someone, do not use an excuse to break up, I have had enough

find someone that can hold me, let me hold her often
find someone, tender point
someone with a family

find someone, can I whine, I will promise you all I can do, but if you want the stars, I will try
find someone, you can go shopping, because in fact I am not too offensive on the shopping
find someone, you can join me in candlelight dinner
looking for individuals to remain loyal to one another, I betrayed the word fear, and never forget

find someone, grievances, they can cry in my arms, clothes wet does not matter, cried over, I will wipe your little painted face
find someone will be cleaning and laundry will wash the dishes, if not before, but now is willing to learn for me, it is also acceptable, of course, you do not have the opportunity to do it wants to,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because sometimes I will of all that

find someone, I just have you enough, in fact, I am too troublesome, no matter how exhausted I will find a yo, you a enough to keep going on it, okay?
find someone, when you can see me into my arms, remember not to knock over me, oh, or I'll give you when the bottom of the

find someone that can do my back, not to backfire, you can rest assured that I went to career in business, do not worry, I will not snub you

find someone, do not let me down again and again
have someone with me to watch movies, the movies be a drag someone to go shopping, buy clothes too dull a person, and nobody helped me identify

find someone, you can try to bear with me a little overbearing machismo, because I am a Leo, and Dragon, Zodiac, the constellation is very overbearing, but I do not tyranny, we can communicate, I can slowly The to change

find someone, you can accept my thoughts, because although I am 80, but sometimes it is thought, after 70, he was pretty decent, law-abiding, if you want to change me, I am willing to accept the transformation of your

ps: this post transferred from the \

looking for individuals, we rely on each other, mutual trust, and believe me, not trusting my denial

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

find someone, I was her only, she will be my only

find someone, we head for a low forehead can rely on the forehead, nose to the tip of the nose

find someone, I want to give her the world, give her a shoulder, an embrace,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a dependent
find someone, we can learn together, not necessarily a class thing, and we can read books, look at fashion magazines can do, I will try to make myself and you have the same hobbies,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we can also discuss the exchange with our hobbies

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