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Gladiator as the MT - grand fantasia gold,grand fa

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PostWysłany: Czw 9:47, 27 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Gladiator as the MT - grand fantasia gold,grand fa

In the case of no guard, sword sing so naturally it is the MT. Aion Timecard

In the case of Tank to do, I suggest holding the sword Stars pairs of friends who are holding (in fact, I like the hands and weapons), dual-output high-holding moment, general, 2 more than 45 blue one hand can be, and there is an Gongsu the best. In this way, Gladiator instantaneous output high, can 啦 to hate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], plus there are soldiers have been passive star sword skills is to increase the hatred, coupled with a further provocation to open a weapons defense, the general hatred able to pull the living, (magic by 2000 + in Sorcerer may be more difficult, and then open the killing was not easy to hang back to hatred,)[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

FB I recommend you choose imprint strength, grasping feet, balance, forced bondage, double-holders (if you really like your hands, then a change in the threat of growl best)

The following stamp to analyze the usefulness of the various types. Aion Timecard

Strength, which I think do not have to say, right? Not only to increase the blood, but also within 2 minutes and 100 anti-arms, 20% blood volume limit. .

Grasping feet, although this skill is often resistance to arrest people, but grasp the strange, 100 95 success, the key to control strange time available, a sleep in the Sorcerer strange when the continuously been resistant, naturally straight Sorcerer strange, do not hesitate this time direct Tab to switch the blame, immediately grasping feet, OK. 2 when no Mo Dao, and the blame when playing wet nurse, go directly to a grasping foot. Three were sleeping in strange times, it is not a nanny is a strange hatred of Mo Dao, and this time the strange men just getting out of that sleep immediately strange one grasping feet, then a provocative, strange hatred natural to your body a. Aion Timecard

Balanced, 48,50 There are many strange knock, in the air bondage skills, so strange to see a reading of the open bar. Because, if T is down or the air, strange nanny often straight away.

Mandatory binding previously forgotten skills, is very useful, you can interrupt skills, see the cruel capture, air binding, nightmares come, nausea skills, direct a mandatory bar reception in the past. But sometimes there are not interrupted by the time (so I would particularly recommend this career arch bar, silence, sleep what arrows directly interrupted by the past, the strange skills, and has had trouble) Aion Kinah

Roaring hands loaded threat in this skill bar, in the strange over time, put the threat of a roaring, rest assured the group bar

Equipment, I think it goes without saying, I was unable BUFF about 1,600 cases, and material anti-anti-wu, 7500 blood, completely sufficient

Then talk about the sense Aion Kinah

When pulling strange to see the vision of the scope of attention, especially the 110, as far as possible to wait until the vision of the blame there is no red dot and then 啦, or else a large group came. Then pay attention to the terrain, forecasting blame will come to you, take the path. The most representative is the 50FB magic large restaurant, when the blame should be 啦 must pay attention to the strange path, as long as the attention that BOSS to go the path of good, in fact, very good pull, and pull over on the left of the room Fortunately, on the left that look out 4 just blame directly, a pull that bad luck was a strange spike.Aion Powerlevel

If they do not care, pulling more than five straight called teammates Run, and then find a safe point where their own dead, so that fear will not only destroy missions, and good save. Lado blame to teammates do not remember it go.

Carefully protect nanny. If it is more in the event of a strange, wet nurse hung the case, this time focused on defense, OBS red bar to eat them. Anti forward to save the person first

Rebirth of the steles Please be ready eliminate the recall and other groups around the strange resurgence gone Come on, do not be afraid 500OBS waste, it is worth. There will be nothing to squat eyebrows that incoming OBS. Aion Powerlevel

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