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(Reprinted) progress is worth only faith - October

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PostWysłany: Śro 13:21, 01 Gru 2010    Temat postu: (Reprinted) progress is worth only faith - October

but before it considered the history of the objective
2. I had to see this movie, Zhang Han Yu could be the last I stared at the suspension of ten seconds the man who did not see how that would be Chang Han! ! \
3. several big names at the sudden display of the plot makes me turn the stage of being a trance feeling

also will be the emergence of new political parties
back to the film
4. Finally, by a martial arts master to save the situation is even more fantastic is that too much fantasy martial arts master who actually is a day ~
I believe that even in China once again into an abyss
perhaps eight years before the May Fourth Movement of the time
is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced is reproduced switched Douban
also a lot of strange places
so-called faith is
but I think it is the history of the greatest and most passionate eight years

It is 2009, the gorgeous sixty years, the screen and the screen is filled with memories and praise DANG unilaterally, according to my Daddy's summary is: a comprehensive show how we prostrate Kuomintang.
this fall, I accompanied friends to see a tribute to famous TV series \She was a good kid from small to large, learning is good, thinking good, motivated behavior, party members and employees of state organs, do not look poisonous, do not listen to decadent music, not to have the slightest reactionary ideas.
us to see the movie Qu en die a martyr, Sun Chun uncle under one-sided shouting slogans. Laughter up and sniffed my friend: true or false, so fake, you say is not it? ! I said no, although you do not believe, but the prototype was called the Qu Yan Qu, he is singing the Internationale, shouting, long live communism dead. DANG it sucks today, this doctrine does not mean people of all faiths are sucks.
Since when, even good children began to believe nothing.
do not believe that someone will die for Marxism and generous;
do not believe that his life will be impartial justice;
do not believe that was determined to plead for eternal peace for Shengmin.
those in power will carry its own ideals and the higher doctrine, the more we feel the absurdity of reality, pragmatism monarchs of the era, the spirit of unprecedented popular entertainment.
the Cultural Revolution, the home of youth frolicking in the streets, shouting: Do you dare to revolution Lord, your sister daring revolution. Thus, the \
We have not started construction, deconstruction has been happy to embrace, we have not begun to dream, to have laughed at the ideal, we have not learned to believe, they begin to guard against fraud. Ultimately, we down the sacred, and ultimately we embraced vulgarity and ultimately failed to play its core values of building community, inevitably to a large number of material enjoyment to fill the emptiness and maintain stability, we been fooled for too long, we have the greatest evil is not stupid , but rather we are treacherous, and we who do not believe, including myself.

along, I do not like revolution, I fear that the destructive force, I hate the bloody consequences of it, I hate that it can always become a tool to attack dissidents, I hate change it at any time faces, eating their own children when the enemy more vicious than swallowed.
along, I do not like Marxism, especially those who believe that their way is the purpose of the doctrine of human end, when they were oppressed when they act so pure and perfect, when they become mainstream, they are shown by exclusion with unprecedented authoritarian rulers often worse than the former.
So, I think \
\and finally, and \
I hate revolution against the doctrine can be, but for revolutionaries, but to die for the doctrine, or even devoured by Marxism people, I pay respect.
I know today are thinking of the sense of sharing, all from the years in those who strive for \They can be great, shallow, stupid or smart, selfless, despicable or success or failure of the leaders or the sinner, I can judge them, also in awe and gratitude.
we have had those who can not appreciate the enthusiasm, because we lost the enthusiasm that the era of environmental awareness.
revolution, democracy, freedom, Marxism, republicanism, communism, Tatung has been used ... ... are called rational, modern, character,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], humanity and a new era, but also these words have been used to raise the majority of people violence, to consolidate power, to trample on human rights and distorted to create homogeneity.
era in the near, people perceived national decay and hopelessness, people have their own act of justice and ideals, people thought the fight to defend, when thinking of a organization, people involved, the final organization of the wing failure instead of thinking of success or failure, the ultimate purpose of the organization instead of a process of justice, instead of the ideal organization to become justice itself.
\justice, then you can bloody slaughter.
the same, they believe that their own justice. This film is not the protagonist
\molecules, the stage of big merchants are all-powerful, they are small supporting role, they are asking for nothing more than earthly happiness, and gave them an hour of time to achievement of history. Zweig
I always think of the \As if the times are two hours of time that ordinary people have chosen, through his hand out of this great melody.
Perhaps never in China, there have been a great organization; Perhaps choices in the direction of Chinese society, we are always able to get under the under the sign; perhaps, a chance to have directed any of us fail; maybe. We always repeat the historical mistake over and over again and tragedy; Maybe we still do not know where they come from, where to go.
in decline, suffering and crisis-ridden era, young people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \

on the plane home last year, reading Gu Zhun, in the penultimate year of life, his letters and his brother discuss the \What is the ultimate goal, yes, but social progress. \give up their own discretion. Nor is there any one person, an organization, a Marxist alternative to progress itself.
Therefore, it is faith in itself is progress, rather than any advertised \
the mainstream of today, is nothing more than yesterday's heresy, today's heresy may be tomorrow's mainstream.
the final analysis, the times will advance their own way forward, any person \the power of the times, perhaps the only optimism and our hope.

some time ago, I still have to reprove Joseph visited Hong Kong Film, actor slump,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the market has shrunk, the mainland were swept frontline artistes, Hong Kong director to the mainland only to find investment, finding actors, go to the market.
now seems, compared to just released \Compared to mainland director in the \Investment on the Mainland, the Mainland actors, but to further the achievements of the city of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong film can not shake the cultural landmark location. ,
I though a bit sad, but not satisfied,
I have to admit there has been hope that the Chinese film \
it touches the times I have been very interested with the characters, and it looks good.
such a long history in China years, we have to be proud of not only those ancestors of the family property, it has been since the late Qing Dynasty and the constant struggle for the Chinese people of tomorrow, even though everyone has their own imaginary mind justice and the future, although not everyone is favored by the times, but they represent the possibilities for progress.
a child does not like to read modern history, Biequ and annoying, ancient history good, we have many cattle x, we are in the world.
now slowly come to realize, understand it, will really understand China today come from, in order to qualify to think what today's China to the left.
Unfortunately, for the period of history, we lack the space to explore, lack of media issues, social platform is small, it sank Joking, opera, entertainment, ocean depths.
can not find the universal values of a society is not terrible, terrible people who even do not find value, the frightening thing is that we explore its space with no more terrible is that we do not discuss its interest.
revolution, and democracy will not necessarily come.
a party is successful, democracy will not necessarily come.
success of a doctrine, democracy will not necessarily come.
thousands of people dead, democracy will not necessarily come.
even we know that democracy is only a child, it can be different doctrine, different political parties, hugged, was dressed as a different Mo Yang.
But if we lose interest in democracy, we have lost the trust of progress, we can not face in the pursuit of democracy and progress in the blood, mistakes, stupid, despicable and other kinds of the worst things we never should to enjoy its light and happiness.
Marilyn Monroe said, well, if you can not stand my worst side, you can not get my best side.
ages, all people dedicated talent, courage, passion and life's good things are true.

after reading \chance of survival, he would rather be an ordinary scholars and intellectuals. That moment, as opposed to those who finally took my history DANG front of the male lead who eventually died in the supporting actor in the history of even more intimate. He no longer had a leader, he is nothing more than an ordinary person selected times.
So, let me again recommend the last one \
the film a fast paced and very good skill lines.
finally realized the film \
contribution to the film actors, many of the best performances to date, especially Wang Qi and Donnie Yen.
tide of history in the film to the ultimate fate of ordinary people to write an ambitious proposition.
extremely rich content of this film, leading the way in my viewing, mind constantly emerge a variety of characters and names. This film is not a unilateral praise
revolution is not a simple battle between good and evil or good or bad war.
I wrote this film is not so heavy, on the contrary it is very commercial, it is very nice.
... ...
This is my first critic in the, and also I shot the first rating.
not I see the other videos not impress me, but from the beginning the film, I saw a Chinese-language film a possibility, I see a \return to the mainstream issues in a serious possibility of attitude, even if someone was to see idols, it was to see the joke, it was to see the martial arts, as long as people go, I still saw the possibility of thought, see in this entertainment era, we are willing to once again embrace the possibility of heavy. In view of the possibility of
precious, and I give it five stars.
superstition is not worthy of Peter Chan, not Hong Kong film, but the progress will eventually come, but also the spirit of eternal Xinjinhuochuan.
moved back because I just finished the end of modern history

The reason to see this movie in particular

ago, I turned to see the book endorsed the first page of writing \
then I covered the book everywhere and the remark as a joke

But in order to become a commercial film
----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------

no matter what else fails
Chen, \
I sit at home, across the computer, it is not say, \
I have every reason to think I would if the phrase \
... ... Well, actually I was not that excuse

In fact, this critic
after the establishment of the ruling party if the storyteller on the history of not all that
1. Several times I have been a shiver lines rads quickly jump
once again on its own strength to stand up
read the whole book,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but after

better than the movie itself
----------------------------------------------- ----- ----------------------------------------- dividing line is not reproduced --------------------------------------------------
I think this be true
I think this movie was very successful in general grasp
As to the second question

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