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I said, mainly three points: first one must have a copy of the second cross-industry experience to help the third to find the most profitable chain. Xu Song sum of the total re-Will, and now many cities are doing cultural and creative industries, many provinces and cities to have to live here, or have fled to dig out the veterans here do cultural and creative industries, then its a regional cultural and creative industries How the development in the end? Cultural and creative industries can promote economic development throughout the region? Indeed, with a lot of this phenomenon, which is to combine local features or to see local creative talent there is no atmosphere of culture, basic. Why do we have around the country talking about the cultural and creative industries, as for so many years just to build cultural and creative industry park was built a lot, such as Wuxi, Ningbo, cultural and creative garden, cultural and creative industries should say it is for us among China's industrial structure a pull, because we all know China is a big manufacturing country, it is actually in the process of internationalization has reached a bottleneck, then how to maintain this status, manufacturing strength has slowly been eliminated, this is a variety of reasons caused the Chinese people are forced to have to create their own products and innovation to create its own brand, in this case municipalities, especially we have seen, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] the key is that these big cities, South coast of the Large areas should be said that given the creative industries are high hopes that the development of cultural and creative industries is the main force.
fact, the most important cultural and creative industries is the cross, we know that here, I should be relatively large cross, because I come from the manufacturing company's management, go now consulting, including angel investment piece, But how can we find business people have continued to pursue cross-sectoral and continuous challenges? I think I recently did a project can honestly tell you is that you can change some of your views. I was a Wudang Mountain tourism planning, Nike Air Max 247 Wudang that you will think? We will think of martial arts, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Shaolin and Wudang martial arts, but what is good? I told him not to mention the Wudang martial arts, to mention it? Mention health, because fighting is not specifically identified for each, while we all want to live 20 years, called over the health of the institutions, this way, increase your customer base amount, while increasing customer spending time in your area . Wudang compatriots after the finish is very commendable, but I told them that this is actually a very good cross from the area into our care, which is completely different industries. Therefore, there must be a creative cross-sectoral experience. Third, I have just referred to sWe all know that their feet are 42,43, but he has a relative wear 48 shoes, 48 in foreign countries to buy a pair of shoes back, he made the Internet such an idea to sell shoes, he is now the most troublesome The question is what? Why do so many Chinese shoes do not do this, he found the shoes sold abroad, sold 6 million a year, while in China can not find one such factory. So, sure to make good use of this platform, I just chatted with the total Hao Hao is actually the total did something to the whole industry chain integration, that you light a sales site alone, especially as these so-called air network�� IT elite, what we have always said what a good idea, but I think you must pay attention to online, offline integration, online should be to increase awareness, the real effort should be offline.
fact, this process is a gradual increase in the earliest period of time is because China has no cultural and creative industry attention, the cultural and creative products into foreign countries to China, find that China has great demand, the industry belongs to everyone in the fair competition this thing is actually not fair competition, but China accounts for some advantages. If you just feel at home doing well, the next step may be to always keep in the side, will always be a passive defense, there is no real market for their own, only really understand the foreign market, the so-called cultural and creative really into industrialization, so as to become a real state of the more important industries. The reason why we continue to promote the cultural and creative industries, in fact, it is a basis for the integration of culture in order to meet the needs of target users of an industry, it should be said that these technologies are homogeneous, and based on cultural superiority, Nike Air Max TN that come naturally, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] because we have 5,000 years of history, after all, the country, because the cultural and creative industries is based on the cultural industry to do, including their doing sCultural do's. Cultural and creative industries should be said that the reason why in China there is a very bright future, it should be and our homogenization of culture and technology related. Larger cultural and creative industries, but also quite broad, in that hour which is very clear in speaking, I hope there are more opportunities in the future to host such a forum,
but how to develop? This process, we had a misunderstanding, we are talking about the cultural industry, the world is talking about, not just in China, we have recently to the United Kingdom about the development of cultural and creative industries, the British now also reflect, that the creative industries alone is not able to support the British economy, there is also a supporting their own economy. In fact, we Chinese have such a system, we may be investing in cultural and creative industries should invest it when the industry chain, is to invest in its creative industry chain, such as China's Li Ning, companies like Lenovo, in fact, they are also doing the brand, innovation in product design to do the last theme is back to sub-theme of the forum today is about the Chinese market with Chinese characteristics, we are familiar with the cultural and creative industries are listed on Nasdaq in the United States, but We have also seen a few years ago, we play the game in South Korea or the United States most of the game, and now play the game the main game are Chinese, then the number of cultural and creative industries or industries, in the end the Chinese market with Featured on the lead to China or with Chinese characteristics as it led the Chinese market? Now the U.S. special fire Face Book, in fact, is not above the point of maximum profit from the ads, but running a variety of the above games, this year created much like Tencent QQ Game, QQ do not know cause them to do so. Over the past are all Chinese learn from others, lead others to now, we see this in a number of subtle changes.
So in the future, because the United States are large countries in many ways, the status of all walks of life are in the lead, including the cultural and creative industries, the whole world is watching American movies, this is actually a kind of cultural aggression. In fact the two great civilizations of China, a white man's civilization in Europe; the other one is east of civilization. So the future is not a U.S. dominance, and China will re-occupy the highest position, as the Tang dynasty when China's most prosperous, and now many people have said to the United States learn something, and I believe there will be more people that come in China learn things. In fact, ethnic Chinese and the West really are two very, very great people, but also the pattern in which the future world will certainly not be unilateral, bilateral development I think I agree with Yang trend overall this view, because I think in the future competition in the cultural and creative industries in the end the West or East, said the operator that the operator, Womens Nike Air Max Skyline so far has been an analysis can, because I am a sociologist, estimates about the human body weight inside, especially the Chinese, the proportion of head and body weight of probability is higher than the West, from all the data obtained from the Chinese people are very smart, but why not expand what the Chinese people, but also because the Chinese are very smart . So I think the initiative in the East and West in terms of discourse, including Tencent's QQ and happy network has cultural and creative industries in China, occupied the absolute position of the second point, the car's spark plug design is not the Chinese people can not, but by others up for lost, and something to copy someone else's, because the patent expired before they could do so. China-made cars and look at the car, just by looking at basically able to see it, they said look at the middle of the gap as long as you can see how much is made cars, that are indeed processes of cultural difference is the Chinese people deep, Westerners have some when he was out when Disney and Coca-Cola, which found that McDonald's also sell the Chinese fried dough sticks, which is a simple example.
Many years ago there lived an Emperor who was so exceedingly fond of fine new clothes that he spent vast sums of money on dress. To him clothes meant more than anything else in the world. He took no interes
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