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mbt scarpe prezzi Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis te

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Dołączył: 03 Sie 2010
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PostWysłany: Śro 15:50, 23 Lut 2011    Temat postu: mbt scarpe prezzi Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis te

Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis test and analysis of specific antibodies ethylenediamine

2. Detection of antigen: triethylamine (EDA) B a: amine units of white matter junction toxoid CD tEDA-DT). Lou diphtheria toxin 'DT) bovine serum albumin BSA). 3. Weighing 250-300g of health howl door color Shorthair species pecking mice. NS, Evans blue dye, F Miao syringes and other instruments referred to sensitized guinea pig serum injection normal to the body in the l intradermal skin tissue fixation and sensitized mast cells. When the antigen attack caused by mast cell degranulation followed by release of histamine, slow reactions and other chemical media cable, so that local skin increased vascular permeability. Spot box appears to be, 1PCA test: I {j cut _, J two down in the back of normal guinea pigs shearing, access to salt dilution of the tested serum to the human skin in 01ml, and salt into the 01m1 and 0lml normal serum as control,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Shan Hua point relative to 370 * Health and Occupational Diseases Labour Ⅲ J】 992 Volume 10 No. 6 from the l5-2cm, after 6-72 hours after passive sensitization with sensitized taste of Pu 2rag +1% intravenous Evans blue lml the amount of allergen in the shot to prevent poisoning the international big foreign Tuo no effect on the results, a small amount of reaction will decrease, 15-45 minutes after the allergen into the observation 2'PCA inhibition test: The land of the serum PCA tests were positive add salt, lrng / ml concentration EDA_DTDT. BSA solution was incubated at 37 ℃ 4 小时 20 4508 centrifuge, take the L to make progress clearing the PCA test and measure the direct ren = 3 blue plaque titer determination, the PCA test was positive in serum with saline: the same multiple of the diluted , depicting 0.1m1 the PCA test, to appear blue-dog spot in the 5mm maximum dilution of serum antibody titers for the 4 types of identification of antibodies. Lou reported IgE antibodies do not heat, heated to 56 ℃ 3O minutes, 4, j, hours after the skin is not sensitized, lgG type antibodies heat, mouth r still sensitized skin; other organizations crisp IgE and strong affinity after injection, at least 2 days l Port 』retention, mouth J-mediated PCA 8-72 hours or longer with the organization is bound lgG response to cellular pro-Taiwan is weak in the skin of memory in a short time. u, mediated by 6-16 or 24-hour PCA reaction of ethylene diamine, according to the above characteristics were sensitized serum heated and unheated PCA tests with different allergens into the right foot} of the PCA test results to determine the antibody class part of the experiment The results shown in Table I_4 Table 1EDA-BSA sensitized guinea pig serum beam feast PCA results in 0-free dip in spot response experiments Qu l】 Chinese workers in 1992, Health and Occupational Diseases Volume 6 10 371 * the amount of anti-serum ( mll03 amount of antigen fmEDA-D The method of detection of specific anti-wei and measure antibody titers and identification of the type. Ethylenediamine hapten 2 and the whole antigen in serum of rabbits and guinea pigs t PANGXIDONG ethylene Suo and full-hapten antigen attack a blue spot,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but with the carrier protein (DT) attack does not appear blue spots. Sensitized animals that produce specific antibodies ethylenediamine: results from the PCA inhibition test shows that antigen-antibody reaction in vitro with the increase in the amount of antigen antibody consumption increases. Performance of the boat skin and blue spots became smaller straight. This is further evidence of B = amine the presence of specific antibodies 3EDA, # pecking antigen type of mouse serum antibody identification, unheated serum PCA bite reaction occurred 72 hours after heating does not appear PCA reaction produced a preliminary identification of specific EDA IgE antibody is Lou (Received H DPRK: I992-O3-05: Ren R pigsty of: l992-O7-O6I (Lu Limin {Wen); bottle {f haggard-kun is not; record custodial sentence of seven workers from the very Shi Bu} 7 carbon disulfide on rat ERG and retinal ultrastructure V General Hospital of Tianjin Medical fried Fort Wumei Jun Yuan Jiaqin fall. Otsu labor grade students,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], J Diseases, Fort RI3f-, three dead in 1988, of the enzyme digestion technique was carbon disulfide (CS,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! J poisoning in rats, as deletion of membrane pathology of blood circulation. moult observed to CS: q rat poison human retinal vascular atherosclerosis search capillary hemangioma. This report Ding CS! poisoning in rats,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the A membrane current loop (ERG) and visual ridicule membrane ultrastructure. Methods The experiment used 100-160g male rats were randomly divided into 20 experimental groups and officials copies of the test groups Shí agent is lOOmg / kg abdominal dirty
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