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sac chanel pas cher/sac chanel pas cher/-Truck col

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PostWysłany: Nie 13:17, 13 Mar 2011    Temat postu: sac chanel pas cher/sac chanel pas cher/-Truck col

a enterprises. They use land and housing, Department of the terminal operators Li Ruilan purchased from the village, because of its violation of the , decree auto repair stations vacate houses, the village committee to return the purchase money. Ruling comes into effect, Li Ruilan refuses to perform a decision, in December 2008, the village committee for enforcement.

2 月 20 afternoon 13:30, 56 Chaoyang Court sent the bailiff, the implementation of 23 police officers, 11 police vehicles, equipped with helmets, shields, batons and a full set of explosion-proof facilities, rushed to the execution site. To prevent accidents, the court also two ambulances arranged in advance.

Xianshibumiao, Li Ruilan's eldest son and second son of Wang Hao Ji Wang Haojun were rushed into a large parked in the courtyard of the forklift and a white Jetta, full steam straight into the executive staff. Blocking the bailiff approached quickly and decisively broke down the Jetta car window glass, and forced open the forklift driver's seat in advance by their erection around the iron net, Wanghao Jun and Wang Hao Ji under control.
control and stabilize the scene and a good surrounding environment, the implementation of the judge began by-site inventory of housing and related facilities. I saw the door of the both sides of the garage wall ride with two long, respectively, before the ladder, climb up the ladder is to stand in the door, respectively, on both sides, the new structures of the two used Empty field hospital,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the security stood seven large gas cylinders, five large gas cans, three barrels of gasoline, to pay off around the house found five knives and a number of knives, sickles and other devices hooked.

forklift strong red chopper assaulting
14 hours, the implementation of the implementation of judges and judicial police arrived the scene, after investigation and before the clever deployment, to avoid the out, then take advantage of Li Ruilan an unguarded, into the auto repair station door. At this point, Li Ruilan aware of the family side, shouting:

Chaoyang Court accepted the case is the implementation, the Executive has seven times the judge and the parties talking, organizing parties for consultations on the issue. But Li Ruilan a serious emotional resistance, and constantly make unreasonable demands and threatened to take enforcement measures if the court, they went to Meanwhile, Li Ruilan gradually set up on a wall from the camera, set up the hazardous materials.

implementation of the scene, the judge-by-room inventory of items, photography and evidence collection, detailed records, and directing all of the items related to personnel will move to a predetermined location, has been busy the next morning, the post vacated houses and proper venue returned to the applicant.
At the same time, auto repair station house,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the wife of repair Shu-Yu Wang Haojun holding a kitchen knife, entered the house to the brutal slashing the implementation of police officers, but was quickly subdued. 14:10, the scene under control. Resist the implementation of several officers being taken away, two bailiffs in the process injured his arm.
staff, according to auto repair station about to be executed the day before, Li Ruilan family also requires workers to climb the fence, originally placed in the hospital safe for washing in the high-pressure water gun Lookout

seized 42 homemade Molotov cocktails

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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