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supra shoe

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PostWysłany: Pon 5:02, 14 Mar 2011    Temat postu: supra shoe

Mention the heroic character of period of the Three Kingdoms, if Guan Yu, eye is like Lang Xing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,,people won't forget that face, rank Sichuan state “ one of ” of 5 tigers admiral Ma Chao. The Christian era 211 years, the arms since Ma Chao 100 thousand object Cao Cao, hit Cao Cao so that “ cuts must abandon gown ” , helter-skelter desert. Later, ma Chao is held by Cao in order to alienate plan after sufferring a defeat, liu of flounder go to somewhere for shelter has, but his whole and familial be put to death kill. Did not think of to be in close after 1800, the reporter encountered place however during Armenia works a flock of professing that come from Chinese horse to surname familial offspring. Get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, they are Ma Chao's descendant actually.
Su Li tells me: “ nowadays, the man of clansman of Home Mamikeniyang of Armenia is flourishing, all trades and professions has. In inferior a few countries also have a lot of Mamikeniyang's familial people. We established Mamikeniyang in Ailiwen familial party, I now is vice-chairman. ” checks them to me first ancestor the identity, su Li is very obliged, he says very earnestly to the reporter: “ if you are willing, can become party member. ” reporter agreed gladly.
So whose descendant is Ma Kang after all? The reporter asked the friend of bound of a few historiography of place and home, inquired book of a few historiography,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, found clue eventually. Su Zhongxiang of our country distinguished historian once had written a paper, he thinks, regnant period of rare Er generation is in A Erda 226—241 of the Christian era year, 2 worlds regnant period is in Teerdate 217—238 of the Christian era year,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, accordingly, ma Kang will to the time of Armenia be equivalent to times of the Three Kingdoms, and be in Ma Chao is familial after be being put to death, time comparatives. If consult again,be chased after by Chinese emperor the circumstance such as arrest, so the possibility that Ma Kang exceeds offspring for the horse is very large.
The reporter comes although Armenia time is not long, but sensory local is very enthusiastic really to China. This has Mamikeniyang's familial contribution among them,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, but more important is China and the friendly association history with long Armenia in the ethical memory that has imprinted in Armenia. According to account of Armenia historical data: The Christian era when 2 centuries, armenia businessman carries silk and other goods to go to Xi Yahe Europe from China each district, the development that is archaic the Silk Road, outspread made contribution; The Christian era 1307, chinese Guangzhou formed Armenia the first is in China community, build have the trading company with Armenia cathedral and great dimensions. Armenia friend still tells me the fokelore of a place: When remote antiquity, place has a pair of brother, one old went Oriental, his offspring became Chinese �r another stays in place, offspring is Armenian ……
Their ancestor comes from Armenia history record China since him Su Li admits place is all the person that surnames Mamikeniyang first ancestor it is a Chinese, so whose offspring are they after all? Taking Su Li entrust, I begin to search concerned Mamikeniyang's familial circumstance. According to Introduction Su Li, its ancestor comes from account Chinese ancient books is Armenia ancient time Huolienaqi writes · of Xie Si of distinguished historian Mo Fu " Armenia history " .
" Armenia history " clear put down in writing, mamikeniyang's familial first ancestor name is fought for the horse (also tribute of interpret horse Mu) ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, discipline of sansei of the Christian era migrates by China and come. Ma Kang claims its father is a king of Chinese, be called Aerboke, he leaves because of the blame Persia. Kill Ma Kang to chase after at that time, chinese emperor ever sent ambassador-at-large to come to Persia, and threaten does not hand over Ma Kang like Persia, start a war to its. The liege A Er of dynasty of Persia Sa Shan amounts to rare Er generation not to want to hand over Ma Kang at that time, also do not want to displease China accordingly
Chinese historian finds clue
From now on, waerdan and tile install the hero that Mamikeniyang became · to strive for Armenia to the nation is liberated and become independent. After Armenia is independent 1991, still established decoration of Ni Yang ” of · Ma Mike of red of “ made of baked clay Er, commend to make the person of outstanding contribution independently to strive for a country.
In Armenia, the ancestor that surnames Mamikeniyang's person to know his not only actually comes from China,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, almost all Armenians know this, because Martens is familial,this basically is descendant gave to strive for the ethical hero that the nation is liberated and becomes independent for Armenia. The reporter just arrived when Armenia, the first tourist attraction that local friend carries a reporter to look around is located in namely in capital dust the Waerdan of a square of lukewarm town Ni Yang of · Ma Mike is statuary. See the set off in blue sky falls only, a bold and powerful general jumps Ma Huijian, as if to officers and men in direct people courageously fight the enemy.
, let a horse fight go to somewhere for shelter Armenia of its dependency ——— . Armenia is kingly Teerdate 2 worlds take sb in Ma Kang. Later, ma Kang obtains the favor of Armenia king because of battle achievement. Then, king presses the habit of Armenia surname, grant Ma Kang to surname Mamikeniyang, the Martens of Armenia is familial begin from now on. " Armenia history " of the cut into a mountain that is Armenia history make, the beauty of the father ” that Mofuxiesi also has “ the science of history in Armenia praise, he lives in the Christian era about 5 centuries, be apart from Ma Kang to come Armenia is controlled 200 years only, this paragraph of historical fact should be authentic.
Decisive battle is hit very miserably intense, bilateral casualty is disastrous, ni Yang of division of rice of · horse of red of made of baked clay Er also shed last blood. Although uprise failed, but Persia authorities also made concession, ask the Armenian changes letter Ma to amount to no longer religion. 482 years, armenia is in east the nephew ——— tile of Ni Yang of · Ma Mike installs Waerdan Mamikeniyang's leader issues · , erupted to object Persia person's regnant uprise again, force Persia authorities finally to sign peace treaty, make Armenia regained autonomic position actually.
The horse exceeded later generations to become Armenia hero
One each calls a surname equestrian Armenian
In addition, according to history record, ma Chao is familial contain Qiang introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad blood relationship, as good as the each country relation in the west. The scholar thinks, the army “ of Ma Chao command not Shang Gong crossbow ” , and be good at using the weapon such as Western-style long javelin, march fights use Western-style and concentrated army blast, him Ma Chao also is worn similar at that time the armor of western country. Afore-mentioned circumstances make clear, ma Chao is familial with Chinese and Western inferior the area is having close connection. Of Ma Chao child chase after to escape kill, choose Chinese and Western inferior taking refugee is logical.
Su Li says: All people that surname Mamikeniyang know “ Armenia oneself ancestor is a Chinese. An ancient books of Armenia makes clear account, the Martens of Armenia comes from distant China. ” does not pass, su Li does not know who their Chinese ancestor is after all, he requests a reporter to help him look up, after all their Chinese ancestor is what kind of person.
“ original China first ancestor also be to gallop the Trojan ” of battlefield
The 3rd, generation of A Erda rare Er auxes would rather displease China to also do not hand over Ma Kang, this shows horse is fought should be a descendant of notable family, either on history of a China not the common and familial later generations of account.
Because reside Armenia personally right now,perhaps be, I become curious to the thing of Martens descendant rise, then the decision wants and ” of exotic “ a member of the same clan sees. After a few days, below the friend's introduction, I am in a cafeteria Ni Yang of Ma Mike of · of fete Su Li. Meet, I feel at the moment this guest very look familiar. Although he and common Armenian do not have too big distinction, but his facial features mixes muse hair, I feel he grows very to resemble a Chinese.
2005 the end of the year, the reporter comes to Armenia capital Ailiwen. A lot of Armenia friends are informed me to come from China, after hearing I surname a horse especially, say to me, armenia has a surname very special, call Mamikeniyang, their ancestor comes from China,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, also surname a horse. This thing also had heard of in home in the past, but should not return a responsibility all the time, do not think right now really organic however meeting is close to them. Among them an enthusiastic friend still expresses, he knows a lot of people that surname Mamikeniyang, if I am willing, he can introduce a few to give me understanding.
Su Li listens my tell about, looking up at Waerdan the statue of Ni Yang of · Ma Mike, say excitedly: “ is original, our China first ancestor also be to gallop the Trojan of battlefield. The commander in chief that Ni Yang of division of rice of · horse of red of made of baked clay Er can become Armenia is not accidental absolutely, should have genetic gene! ”
Passed a little while, su Li asks me again: “ tells me please, how many relative do I have in China? I tell ” him: “ is in surname of Chinese a hunderd schools, equestrian surname ranks the 19th, be afraid it is good to have millions of. After ” Su Li listens glad to say: “ this that is to say, a member of the same clan that is in China is equivalent to total population of Armenia whole nation (300 much) ! ” is deepen friendship, I offer: “ since the descendant that we are Ma Chao, so us henceforth with brother proportional. ” signs up for the age, I am smaller than Su Li several years old, became a little brother naturally. Now, when I make self introduction to Armenia friend, total meeting says cannot refrain fromingly: Horse of “ my surname, mamikeniyang of He Guiguo is a member of the same clan. ”
Had received me to give the calling card that go up, su Li says gladly: I also surname “ actually horse, we are a member of the same clan. My Xian Zulai from China. ” since he professes is a member of the same clan, I raised the question in the heart politely: Who is your Chinese ancestor after all? Which take the place of, what reason to stem from to come to Armenia?
Local friend tells me, the Christian era 5 centuries metaphase, be those who strengthen pair of Armenia is regnant, the Ma that Persia authorities forces an Armenian to change believe in of letter Persia person is amounted to religion (the branch of pyrolatry) , object strongly what caused Armenia people. The Christian era 450 years, armenia occurrence the whole people uprises east, the unborn Waerdan that the command of uprise army is Ma Kang Ni Yang of · Ma Mike. Uprise is suppressed by the cruelty of Persia authorities. The Christian era 451 years, both sides bilks Er in A tile (show Iranian churchyard) have decisive battle. On congress of prewar a rally to pledge resolution before going to war, mikeniyang says · horse of red of made of baked clay Er: “ muddled and dead, be the same as decayed with the wood; Be realized and be born, it is to be eternal life. This word became ” later the logion of Armenian widely known.
Make a thorough investigation of when me after the relation of Ni Yang of division of Armenia horse rice and Chinese Martens, yaosuli calls to meet in square on the horse. In Waerdan before statue of · horse Mi Keni raise, I say to Su Li: Of “ Armenia Martens first the offspring that Zu Ma is fought is an imperatorial Ma Chao of Chinese. Ma Chao is one of 5 tigers admiral of Sichuan country, the military rank with contemporary apply mechanically, most at least also is an admiral. ”
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