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the second level, which is a platform issue, here to thank Hao Song sum total, they really created such a platform, if no support cultural and creative industries which CEOs are willing to put money on in the third called fast, why it is called fast? I think the cultural and creative industries can be said is basically Fighter faster product change and innovation that is its speed is very fast, this will cause our funds, investment managers, regardless of PE Ye Hao, VC Ye Hao, just After understanding the industry, people have told you this industry has to die. Mobile games such as a friend to do the beginning I was very optimistic about this industry, is preparing to vote, but a friend said that day to vote now mobile phone games, and said out of date, and now the cell phone so the vote of cultural and creative industries sshort, flat, fast sShort, periodic hard to grasp; ping it, the platform is difficult to establish; fast, this is a very fast pace of innovation in the industry.
Xu Chen: Yang Sang general said the total included are in place, the industry has a lot of people want to vote, the amount of funding is also great, from the whole of the market environment, from the domestic market, from the investment point of view of the enthusiasm of cultural and creative industries are not particularly high amount of investment-related cases is relatively small, the first half of this year by the impact of cultural and creative industries is indeed smaller than the financing of a second point, from our experience to do cultural and creative industries, because it is so very new in the country is not very large company, yes, also the partial state-owned Central Motion Pictures Corporation, etc., Many people are not beyond the financial aspects of motivation to do more for a project to do a project for an ideal to do a thing, but in fact it is from the financial side, the distance you want is still very large. Another point, from now on the industry point of view, VC and PE it is not the same view, there is a dislocation, it aims to cast different Song Weizu: do the design industry, in this circle to be 10 years, should be said that cultural and creative industries is a project for the design is, in general, are done by designers, but its relatively weak management capacity, so in the process to generate the investment and the design does not match situation, there is divided into several categories, which should be said that tourism is a relatively stable, is worthy cast. However, pushing forward, including film and television, including advertising exhibition, these companies are all items will be picked up, Max 2010 Shoes No project may be stopped, so it is more difficult to grasp this industry and is more personalized, the lack of modern organization and management system, but the other way round, because it is a new industry, this new industry often takes a long time of cultivation, because the last round of the sub-forum we talk about the environment, in fact, at first I just do environmental But 20 years ago when these things do not make money is to spend money, we are optimistic about clean energy, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] but through a period of cultivation appears to have real results.
Yong Hao (Moderator): We now want to know the cultural and creative industries in this area the status of the current investment and financing as well as its future development trend is. Generally speaking cultural and creative industries are developing rapidly, but the investment and financing, there may be good, some bad, some eager want, some do not Ning Yang: Actually, I think all the features of this market can be summarized as the human spirit levels of demand and the demand for basic human level, you have to food, clothing, housing, basic needs, this may be, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] and spiritual needs on top of this is greater, from the perspective of cultural and creative industries around the world is a huge industry, many industry funds in the industry have achieved great success. And why the cultural and creative industries in China have very good development particularly, we see that there are so many good online games company, have been listed overseas, because the Chinese are not the same with the West, Westerners love the outdoors, China word is known as a person can sMany funds also saw this, I believe that money is no shortage in this area, so the market is also very active in our forum for example is the cultural and creative industries, we always make a song award, which actually is the cultural and creative industries, relatively short period, then how to make short-change long? We have a lot of practice, Nike Air Max TN a lot of cultural and creative industries to its long cycle of change, for example, we see the sIf we always put his song into the annual Oscar awards ceremony, awards ceremony, in fact we see the Oscar or Disneyland, of course, behind the cartoons and other derivatives, this is a very good cultural and creative industries, but China does not too have this condition, so short.

Although the state, the cultural and creative industries in Beijing have made what nine industry classification of several industries, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] but so far there is no uniform industry definition, but this kind of industry can keep the financial crisis, the rapid early the development of capital markets is a popular cultural and creative industries, adding the topic of cultural and creative industries is relatively large, hope to talk from their own perspective to see my name is Yong Hao, Beijing Digital Entertainment Industry Demonstration Base Chief Executive Officer, Beijing demonstration base of digital entertainment industry in Shijingshan Park of Zhongguancun, which is a virtual and interactive virtual reality of the economic zone. The following ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce myself Ning Yang: My name is Nick Yang, I am currently the founder and vice chairman of the air network, I now mainly serve on the board. Air Max 2009 Shoes In addition I also created a third company, called Wukong search, I search Wukong CEO.
I have a hat, an angel investor, a few times because I record industry, so contact with more entrepreneurs and teams, so I active investment in China, some of the team, to encourage more young people to pursue their dreams, And I also want to subsidize their financial returns. Sang Yu: Hello everybody, my name is Sang Yu, is a partner of Xu Chen PKU: Good afternoon, I Jiaoxu morning, the Gobi Partners partner. We now have two funds which have invested in digital media into 3,4, mainly associated with the culture, Hao General also mentioned, including games, animation, and we also found in the investment process is a cultural and creative industries large range of communication today is what we want, if you have any good ideas hope to cooperate with us Songwei Zu am a Song Weizu, the Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center, deputy director of China Industrial Design Association is also the Deputy Secretary-General . I work in industrial design, it should be said that we was to be invested, is the investment target, if we considered an investment of people, then we might have to do more of a public service investment, we do first and foremost a public service platform. For instance, we got the one-China Industrial Design Innovation Award, but compared with other investment companies, we represent more of an industry representative was the perspective of investors to participate in this meeting.
Many years ago there lived an Emperor who was so exceedingly fond of fine new clothes that he spent vast sums of money on dress. To him clothes meant more than anything else in the world. He took no interes
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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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