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vibram five fingers sprint more of coincidence is

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PostWysłany: Pią 5:44, 06 Maj 2011    Temat postu: vibram five fingers sprint more of coincidence is

Five Fingers Shoes,In us the decision rides vibram shoes when going, sweet case lira to us, it is a place name. Know Vibram FiveFingers Maure Grey Classic Women is in Yunnan and Sichuan, tibetan boundary. It is an a haven of peace, there is honest minority over, have picturesque beautiful view, also have everybody the dream in the ibram kso with heart... our plan still calculates detailed: Plan journey: On July 29, 30 days Appropriate guest -- Kunming -- Dali (take a car) on July 31 Dali (amuse oneself) -- sweet case lira (take a car) on August 1 Sweet case lira -- the tiger jumps gorge on August 2 The tiger jumps gorge -- month of Li Jiang 8 3 days Li Jiang -- peaceful Lang on August 4 Peaceful Lang -- Lu buy Fingers Shoes or lake on August 5 Lu buy Fingers Shoes or lake -- saline source on August 6 Saline source -- month of Xi Chang 8 7 days Sea of Qiong of annulus of view and emulate division of cycle track, link on August 8 Xi Chang -- clear becomes aware on August 9 Clear becomes aware -- month of Lei Bo 8 10 days Lei Bo -- new small towns on August 11 New small towns -- appropriate guest personnel: Big grey sheep, Liang Hui, old alone, small yak, rhinoceros, challenger, former zoology then, we set foot on the journey, although the place that go is much, but we give vibram shoes the brigade that travel a general designation is sweet case lira. Big on the road grey sheep filled to us a few knowledge. Because,knowing sweet case lira to became famous is 1933 American fictionist Zhanmusi Hilton (JamesHilton) in the ibram kso with novel " lost horizon " (" LostHorizon " ) in what depict together the land with Vibram Five Fingers White Blue Sprint Men and Vibram Five Fingers Yellow Black Sprint Men or lasting peaceful peace. And enlighten everything what celebrate the lifelike however depict in having author book, more of coincidence is, "Sweet case lira " one word is enlighten Tibetan language of Qing Zhongdian, for " the life in the ibram kso with heart " meaning, it is Tibetan memory medium ideal surroundings and supreme to still state. Enlighten celebrating highland is people searched half century " sweet case lira " . And the person that we search the travel of the sweet case lira that belongs to our 7 times namely. ,Passed late on July 29 at 8 o'clock, and east the small fold car that elder brother drives me is driven toward the railway station, a lot of enthusiasm had come before waiting room ride friend. Xiaohu, elder brother of coquettish elder brother, game life, main forces, orthodoxy, bishop... everybody is supple be reluctant to part, exhort, wish. Thank you, ride friend enthusiasticly. Other the car of 6 people, had consigned Kunming ahead of schedule, because we am,fold can be carried so vibram five fingers sprint and so . Risking the intense heat of summer, we enter a station smoothly, train a bit behind schedule a few, get on a car very happy also. What heat up in railroad car nevertheless is afflictive, and very fast with Vibram Five Fingers White Blue Sprint Men and Vibram Five Fingers Yellow Black Sprint Men or respect to light-off, the short message that receives hair riding friend to come ceaselessly wishs, touch very much really. cheap vibram shoes sleep to be not worn, open car window to blow wind of catch a cold. My Morpheus is good, breathe out a little while breathed out... 2010-8-14 09:54 upload download accessory (176.43 KB) 2010-8-14 09:54 upload download accessory (92.16 KB) 2010-8-14 09:54 upload download accessory (79.36 KB),This card is final You Yibin is old alone at 2010-8-14 10:09 editors the upper berth that I will sleep last night on July 30, close from electric fan, slept coolly good become aware. Nodded me to wake when first sun rays in the ibram kso with morning entered car window. Train is in 6 dishes of water paragraph travel, car head had exchanged direction, what the morning of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau delivers is blast a chill. Train travel is on highland, often see from car window the sea of clouds is in the ibram kso with half way up the mountain that looks even wire to fall. Because train travel wind is bigger, window of a lot of cars was shut, in the ibram kso with car very frowsty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], every jockey to the station everybody gets off put be on the lookout, on my banner " appropriate guest school rides " marked all the more, passengers still think is travel agent forms a delegation go on a journey. The station that gets off first calls Bai Guo, get off in the ibram kso with fruit of large Chinese hawthorn again later, get off in Qu Jing again. Be in after all downy, the place of solar illuminate is hot, but shady and cool place blows blow gently cool wind, cool all the more. , Luck is better, afternoon 2:30 punctual reach Kunming station, go taking out consigned bicycle smoothly, deal with Vibram Five Fingers White Blue Sprint Men and Vibram Five Fingers Yellow Black Sprint Men or beside the station again consign Dali. Preparation multiplies 80 driveway western passenger station arrives by the car Dali, did not think of to encounter Che Ye of a business affairs, 110 yuan of one person, not too much delay build a car smoothly to arrive Dali, fast the road of 50 kilometers high speed that approachs Dali is being maintained, be forced circuitous, 8:00 reach Dali passenger station around. Went to Kunming I just know what caterwaul town, when getting on a car, feel very hot, the driver says air conditioning is bad, we think the driver does not leave intentionally to us. Did not think of a car, immediately cool. in the ibram kso with sky do not use air at all, to the wind that car window blows before finally us cold terrible. The good place that Yunnan is a province report really ah..., We get off it is opposite highway the guest looked for a hostel, ask ability 15 yuan of 1 person, pretty is cheap. Be entered immediately. What experience above all to Dali is wind very big, and blow all the time had not stopped. Long hear Dali to have 4 absolutely, wind, flower, snow, month, below Guan Feng, on pass month of sea of flower, Cang Shanxue, Er. 7 F1 S5 D: U8 C0? ' L It is Guan Feng above all, let us increase knowledge< . vibram shoes when we still do not have Dali, see, tremendous windmill is everywhere on the hill of far, issued a car to blow a ceaseless wind, the fine hair on the human body that blows us stands rose... " Dali county annals " carry, "Because make the same score steam of constant of in relief ground to go up,rise, and will attack when cold air of 18 mountain stream, have again 40 Li Qing's cold air reach south on the west next closing, for east hill place block, also input vibram shoes calm in relief the earth's surface constantly, yi Fu all around all hill,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all air rotate among vibram five finger shoes , temporarily cannot rise high into the air and medicinal powder, mutual rich is attacked, its are like a tiger madly, unplug Mu Qingzhou, have self-invited also. " close below the urban district especially, cold air velocity of flow is rapid, wind is blown particularly violently, speed per hour amounts to 12 �� second of 14 meters of �� ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the biggest speed per hour amounts to second of 28 meters of �� , the woman cycles, walk or have the routine that lifts. A year in, fresh gale has 35 days of above, close below reason have " wind city " say. # Y) T* W+ ? * Q! H5 Y. B About issueing Guan Feng, still have two such beautiful stories. Fokelore has a pale-faced scholar and a beautiful girl to love each other, caused the dissatisfaction of Nanzhao king. Instruct king infiltrate the student with Vibram Five Fingers White Blue Sprint Men and Vibram Five Fingers Yellow Black Sprint Men or respect to rabbi of life collect Quan Er sea. The girl is save a lover, wanted 6 bottles of wind to avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, want to let fresh gale blow seawater dry, rescue a student. Who knows wind bottle to just carry natural bridge on the back, the girl dropped not carefully one Jiao, down to smashed 5 wind bottle. Time of Buddhist templeput on the brakes, fierce wind howls, all the year round wind is blown ceaseless, winter particularly violent, successors next closing cry " wind city " . Pass in again a long time ago, avalokitesvara changes a gammer, carrying bottle of a wind on the back, when passing natural bridge, soldier of the earth that defend the bridge should inspect the goods of pedestrian traffic according to exemple of be linked together. Gammer good word is persuaded do not want examination, privates not to listen. Had not waited for gammer to show interests, open cap forcedly, immediately wind rushed from inside bottle, be sent and cannot close. Wait for privates to understand, gammer disappeared already. From now on, fresh gale keeps be being blown by natural bridge day and night close downward, friend name " wind city " . ,The following day early in the ibram kso with morning, to content shedding the company takes the car, everybody is busy outfit carries a bag on the back. ,We today's journey, basically browse Dali namely, take the car in the ibram kso with evening to arrive directly next enlighten the county of sweet case lira that celebrates a city. We are very so vibram five fingers sprint and so relaxed today, have good-looking take a picture. , Go to Er sea park when, some are absentminded, did not think of Er sea is so vibram five fingers sprint and so beautiful. Go out vibram shoes row, admire beautiful scenery for the first time. To Er sea month more be charmed! Although be destined,we cannot see Er sea month vibram shoes , but we are OK Vibram FiveFingers Maure Grey Classic Women has have visions of much beauty... O9 J0 B) _ The fokelore of sea month of Er of X* W0 R lets us is sigh more unceasingly... Fabulous sky has a fairy to envy terrestrial life, descend to the world will to Er seaside and one fisherman youth get married. It is difficult that Vibram FiveFingers Maure Grey Classic Women sees the fisherman fishs, with Vibram Five Fingers White Blue Sprint Men and Vibram Five Fingers Yellow Black Sprint Men or respect to the one side that brings his Bao Jingfang enters sea floor, take the fish as clear as dayly, good let a fisherman hit more fish. $ N: M. N(B }) R) D% Y later, that treasure lens became Jin Yueliang in sea floor, vibram shoes is Er sea month. Go out every that month, hai Zhibin of travel close Er, look up at a sky, yu Jinggao is dangerous, sea of Er of look down at, yin Tao of ground be addicted to, water light receives a day, awn of 10 thousand just like that, the moon of a shining follows billow shake in the ibram kso with sea, exclaim making a person unceasingly. ,Beautiful Er sea, allow our forgetting to return. ,Er sea take a photo as a souvenir:

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