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Extreme DPS Teach you how to be a ranger that mak

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PostWysłany: Czw 9:28, 27 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Extreme DPS Teach you how to be a ranger that mak

Extreme DPS: Teach you how to be a ranger that makes high damage 2009-08-07
People often say the DPS of ranger is not as good as Assassin and Sorcerer
, and its controlling skill is also normal. Aion Kinah,Aion powerlevel

What I want to say is that we still need Ranger and it plays an important role in power leveling. Aion Timecard,buy aion gold,Aion CD key

First,I would like to talk something about output way. Take brushing teeth as many people do in the game as example. If they have six people, they only need twenty seconds kill a monster. Aion powerleveling

Many rangers like to choose the circle skill - shot horizontally-skill-shot horizontally. Aion Kinah. It seems like that they have reach to the greatest dps, but it doesn’t. I have ever written an article , and say that it don’t need do like that to kill the little monster and that using the circle skill - shot horizontally in a group is the greatest dps. Starting to control monster and waiting for about one second, then you can pay attention to shooting the poison arrow. Aion CD key Many players pretend to be silent, you should throw out them altogether but shot horizontally. At last,aion kinah, throw away lasso when you are shooting horizontally Meanwhile change the weapon. This action need to be taken behind the monster. It is muchbetter for you to keep 10% in the entire process. Aion powerlevel. Pay attention to take the action of quick cutting and sniping. Quick cutting need only seven seconds. So here I suggest you using quick cutting in most of the time. Aion Timecard

After this time, kill horizontally,switch the weapon, jump surprise attack, successive shooting, and then to switch for one time. At this time, both surprise attack and strong attack are in ten seconds cooling down. You should snip and swift the edge, because the poison arrow is cooling down.we should switch to ranger for a short time silent to return to heavy damage, and it don’t need a long time. Aion powerleveling, Aion Timecard

It won’t have two successive shooting in which no skillis used, and two killing of no skill is used during the whole process. You should pay attention to the cooling time during the surprising attacking when you are in actual operation. Aion CD key,buy wow gold, Aion Account

You should pay attention to switching weapon, and need to operate like successive shooting and change it after the damage occurs. If you do like this, it will be exact and no damage. If you switch the weapon well, the skill won’t get darker. However, you shouldn’t pay attention to this. It is all right that it doesn’t occur the clue of “you can not switch,wow gold, it is switching now”. Aion Account

To kill the monster in this method, dps is very high, and the consuming of manna is also fast. But it’s not a problem. Recovery your energy after you kill monster. If you have to wait for a long time, you can sit on the ground……If you meet the guard around the water, it is easy to be OT,cheap aion kinah, and the monster is behind you not as usual as to be far away from you. You shouldn’t accept the monster which is acted by Gladiator, because it is absolutely OT. Aion powerleveling

Remarkably, when you are in changing status, not than long-range attack becomes faster, but the close-range is also faster. It is easy to OT even you are a professional guard. However, due to the damage of the Ranger, I pretend to be a Assassion after a long time transformation. The Ranger only throws a sniping poison and surprise attack, and it will kill at other time. By the way, I have to criticize NC.It is a so bad design Aion CD key

Certainly, those who have AOE generally do not fight other’s back. If that it is the 360 ° attack boss, we should stand far away to shoot. Aion Account

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